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Cover of the book 'Touch'Tiffany Field

2001 The MIT Press

The first sensory input in life comes from the sense of touch while a baby is still in the womb, and touch continues to be the primary means of learning about the world throughout infancy and well into childhood. Touch is critical for children’s growth, development and health, as well as for adults’ physical and mental well-being. Yet, the American society is dangerously touch-deprived.

  • Touch Hunger
  • Touch as Communication
  • Touch in Development
  • Touch Deprivation
  • Touch Messages to the Brain
  • Touch Therapies
  • Infant Massage
  • Massage Therapy for Children, Adolescents and Adults

Touch and Massage in Early Child Development

Cover of the book 'Touch and Massage in Early Child Development'Tiffany Field

2004 Johnson & Johnson Pediatric Institute, L.L.C

This book is a groundbreaking compilation of studies on the power of touch in growth and development. Today, a growing body of research around the world shows that human touch is a powerful contributor to infants’ ability to thrive and grow. The studies in this book establish a powerful case for touch, and they remind us that in this high technology world, there is still room for low technology therapies that can increase health and happiness of infants and families around the world.

  • Maternal Touch and Touch Perception
    • Fetal Responses to Foot and Hand Massage of Pregnant Women
    • Touch Perception in Neonates
    • Maternal Touch Effects on Infant Behavior
    • Touching During Mother-Infant Interactions
    • Differences Across Cultural Groups in Mothers’ Nonverbal Teaching Methods
  • Therapeutic Applications of Touch in Pregnancy, Labor and Postbirth
    • Pregnancy, Labor and Infant Massage
    • Skin-to-Skin Care for Breastfeeding Difficulties Postbirth
  • Touch In Premature Infants
    • Tactile Stimulation of Neonatal Intensive Care Unit Preterm Infants
    • Preterm and Full-term Infant Massage in China
    • Optimizing Growth and Bone Mass in Premature Infants: Are Diet and Physical Movement the Answers?
  • Effects of Massage on Sleep, Relaxation and Well-Being
    • Massage Therapy and Sleep-Wake Rhythms in the Neonate
    • Massage, Relaxation and Well-being: A Possible Role for Oxytocin as an Integrative Principle?
  • Massage Therapy for Orphans and Pediatric Problems
    • Massage Therapy With Preterm Infants and Children With Chronic Illnesses
    • Massage Therapy Effects on Illness Symptoms in Infants Living in Ecuadorian Orphanages
    • Massage Therapy for Pediatric Problems

    Touch Therapy

    Cover for the book 'Touch Therapy'Tiffany Field

    Churchill Livingstone · Harcourt Brace-2000

    This book focuses on recent research on touch therapy in promoting wellness and healing. Research is reviewed on the effects of massage therapy on growth and development, stress reduction, pain relief, immune function and auto-immune disorders.

    • Introduction
    • Enhancing growth
    • Pain reduction during painful procedures and chronic pain syndromes
    • Enhancing attentiveness
    • Alleviating depression and anxiety
    • Auto-immune disorders
    • Immune disorders

    Massage Therapy Research

    Cover for the book 'Massage Therapy Research'Tiffany Field
    2006 Elsevier Health Sciences

    This book examines the practical applications of important massage therapy research findings. Each chapter of this comprehensive resource provides a clear and authoritative review of what is reliably known about the effects of touch for a variety of clinical conditions such as depression, pain management, movement problems and functioning of the immune system. Coverage also includes the benefits of massage to specific populations such as pregnant women, neonates, infants, and adolescents. This book is suitable for massage therapists aromatherapists, chiropractors, osteopaths, physical therapists, and nurses, etc.

    • Massage Therapy Research Methods
    • Reducing Prematurity
    • Enhancing Growth and Development
    • Increasing Attentiveness
    • Decreasing Depression and Aggression
    • Improving Neuromuscular Function
    • Movement Studies
    • Pain Reduction
    • Enhancing Immune Function

    Complementary and Alternative Therapies Research

    Cover for the book 'Complementary and Alternative Therapies Research'Tiffany Field
    2009 American Psychological Association (APA)                                                                   

    This book describes the most common complementary and alternative therapies that have empirical support from peer-reviewed journals and provides guidance on which therapies have been most useful for which psychological and medical issues. In addition, Tiffany Field documents the positive emotional, behavioral, physiological, and biochemical effects of these therapies as well as proposed mechanisms of change.  Information is provided on how complementary and alternative therapies can be used in conjunction with traditional therapies. Although focused primarily on adults the book offers data and guidance on pediatric populations as well. Information on the training and credentials of complementary and alternative therapy practitioners is provided as well as contact information for professional associations so psychotherapists can have confidence in making referrals. The information is easily accessible to graduate students and medical students as well as novice and seasoned clinicians and researchers.

    • Combining Complementary Therapies with Psychotherapy
    • Origins of Complementary and Alternative Therapies
    • Massage Therapy, Acupressure, and Reflexology
    • Acupuncture
    • Tai Chi and Chi Gong
    • Yoga and Pilates
    • Exercise
    • Music Therapy
    • Aromatherapy
    • Progressive Muscle Relaxation
    • Imagery
    • Hypnosis
    • Biofeedback
    • Meditation
    • Complementary and Alternative Therapies in Pediatric Populations


    Cover for the book 'Infancy'Tiffany Field
    1990 Harvard University Press

    In this book Tiffany Field provides a readable account of our current knowledge about infant development. She looks at the emergence of sensorimotor and cognitive skills which plays an important role in social and emotional development in the months following birth as the infant experiences the world. She also reviews the literature on infants in nursery and daycare programs, countering negative assessments with studies that show an enhancement of infants’ social interaction in good care settings. In the concluding chapter she pays particular attention to infants at risk because of disease, maternal drug use, prematurity and maternal depression and describes possible intervention strategies.

    • Studying Infants
    • Before and After Birth
    • Motor Development and Learning
    • Emotions, Interactions and Attachments
    • Peer Interactions and Daycare
    • Infants at Risk

    The Amazing Infant

    Cover for the book 'The Amazing Infant'Tiffany Field
    2006 Blackwell Publishers

    Tiffany Field, world renowned infant development scholar, writes an engaging and comprehensive book that collects and reviews the latest findings in the field, exploring cutting edge research and contemporary theories about infant development. This is an engaging and accessible book that integrates research, theory and real life experiences and practices to provide a closer look at how infancy research is conducted. It features illustrative photos and data graphs covering research from recent years. It also draws on recent advances in neuroscience to examine the progress made in the areas of prenatal and cognitive development.

    • How we conduct infancy research
    • Being a fetus (Prenatal Growth and Development
    • Coming into the world (The Perinatal Period)
    • Being in tune with the world (The Early Senses)
    • Body-Talk with Parents and Others (Social Development)
    • Being Emotional and Temperamental (Emotional and Personality Development)
    • Moving Around in the World and Making Objects Do Things and Things Happen (Motor and Cognitive Development)
    • Finally Using Words (Language Development)
    • Taking Turns with Peers (More Social Development)

    Children A to Z

    Cover for the book 'Children A to Z'Tiffany Field
    2009 Xlibris

    Parents often feel the need to consult a reference book regarding problems their children are experiencing. In the book Children A to Z Tiffany Field has reviewed recent research on childhood issues from A to Z.  This book is an encyclopedia-like book that reviews recent research on children’s medical and behavioral problems. The volume Children A to Z is organized alphabetically for the reader’s easy access and its entries are based on current research data.

    • Accidents
    • Aggression
    • AIDS (Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome)
    • Allergies
    • Anger
    • Anxiety
    • Apnea
    • Asthma
    • Attachment
    • Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder
    • And many more


    Cover for the book 'Heartbreak'Tiffany Field
    2009 Xlibris

    In this book Tiffany Field reviews studies on the heartbreak phenomenon as well as various therapies for heartbreak in addition to chapters on recovery, forgiveness and finding love again. Also included are several writing exercises for recovering and quotes from recommended books.

    • Introduction
    • Heartbreak Pain Scenarios-Our Stories
    • The Heartbreak Phenomenon
    • Rejection, Betrayal and Loss
    • Social Emotional Pain
    • Intrusive Thoughts
    • Dreams and Insomnia
    • Crying
    • Loneliness, Depression, Anxiety and Anger
    • Complicated Grief
    • Psychological Therapies for Heartbreak
    • Alternative Therapies for Heartbreak
    • Chemical Therapies for Heartbreak
    • Recovering
    • Finding Love Again

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