School Resources

School Resources

One of the difficult parts about moving is switching schools. It’s easy to start worrying about losing old friends and teachers, getting behind at the new school, and not knowing anybody! But switching schools also gives you a chance to meet new people, learn from new teachers, and make new friends.

Helpful tips for moving into a new school:

  • Get all official papers together to make the move to the new school a smooth one. Items like the current IEP, cumulative folder, school records, transcripts, report cards, health records/shot records, birth certificate, etc.
  • Ask at the office at the old school to help you get an official transcript ready to send to the new school. In the meantime, ask for an unofficial transcript to take with you. You can use this to make sure your child can get scheduled into all the right classes at the new school.
  • If you know what school your child will be attending contact the school’s guidance counselor through email or phone. Check with him/her to see if there’s anything you need to have ready before you get there.

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