Pediatric Clinical Research : Research Consulting

Research Consulting

For assistance with any aspect of study implementation or with data analysis, you must have a written study protocol with IRB approval to conduct the research.

  • For each request, complete the DPCR Investigator Request for Assistance form and submit by interoffice mail, fax, or e-mail according to the instructions on the form. At our next internal consulting meeting, which occurs every two weeks, we will review all new requests and triage them to appropriate staff members who will then respond.
  • Along with your request form, send all pertinent background materials (including a draft of your research aims, draft protocol or grant proposal, guidelines for submission of the grant application, draft data forms, etc.). These materials should be sent to the DPCR at least one week before your meeting.
  • At the initial planning meeting, DPCR staff will meet with you to assess your request. At the initial planning meeting we will begin to discuss feasibility and resources. This includes an evaluation of tasks to be performed, assignment of responsibilities, and the need for budgetary support.
  • At a follow-up meeting, we will develop a mutually agreed-upon written plan of action and an estimate of costs, when needed.
  • Work will proceed according to an agreed-upon time frame.