Comprehensive Children’s Kidney Failure Center

Pediatric Kidney Transplantation Program

The Pediatric Kidney Transplant Program at Holtz Children’s Hospital is part of the Miami Transplant Institute at the University of Miami/Jackson Health System. It is an internationally recognized Center of Excellence, offering the most advanced surgical and therapeutic modalities. Our long history of transplant innovations and superior outcomes has contributed to our worldwide reputation as leader in the field of transplantation. Our dedicated transplant team provides comprehensive child and family centered care which is the hallmark of Holtz Children’s Hospital.

Kidney transplantation is the ultimate treatment goal for all children with End Stage Renal Disease. The pediatric nephrology and transplantation programs are interdisciplinary partners in the Comprehensive Children’s Kidney Failure Center. Weekly meetings of the transplantation team review all candidates for transplantation and conduct joint clinics for pre and post transplant evaluations. Specially trained nurse liaisons maintain close supervision over the patient needs and focus on the complex issues that arise.

In recent years, transplantation services have extended to multi-visceral transplant, including not only kidney, but liver, heart, and other gastro-intestinal organs that frequently affects kidney function and require Pediatric Nephrology consultation.