Comprehensive Children’s Kidney Failure Center

Chronic Renal Failure Clinic

When renal disease strikes a child at any age, from birth to young adulthood, it also impacts a circle of family, friends, and community.

The University of Miami’s CCKFC is one of three comprehensive centers in Florida (and the only center in South Florida) designated as a treatment center for all children whose kidney function falls significantly below normal, approximately 75 percent below normal for the child’s age.

This amount of renal failure indicates a strong likelihood of progression to End Stage Renal Disease (ESRD). The center is designed to recognize those patients in need of special services and intervene early with treatments to avoid progression of the disease and treat the metabolic consequences of kidney failure, such as poor growth and intellectual deficits. From an early stage, the Center’s team of physicians, nurses, social workers, dieticians, psychologists, and teachers work with the patient and family toward a common goal of sustaining maximum health and preparing for any interventional services necessary for the child’s successful treatment.