Micah Batchelor Award

Micah Batchelor Award

The Micah Batchelor Award for Excellence in Children’s Health Research (Micah Batchelor Award) was made possible by a $5M gift to the Department of Pediatrics by George E. Batchelor, a visionary philanthropist with a passion to improve the lives of children. The purpose of the Micah Batchelor Award is to support research at the UM Miller School of Medicine’s Department of Pediatrics. Examples might include the prevention, cure, and treatment of childhood diseases. Any University of Miami full-time faculty member with a primary appointment in Pediatrics may apply for the Micah Batchelor Award and the new awards described below.

The Micah Batchelor Award is a competitive, peer-reviewed research prize of $300,000. Of this amount, $225,000 is to be used in accordance with UM policies for research on your project that has a significant impact on children’s health issues. In keeping with Mr. Batchelor’s wishes, the remaining $75,000 is designated as a personal prize (minus required withholding), awarded to the principal investigator to be used at his or her sole and absolute discretion.

Applications considered for the Micah Batchelor Award will be reviewed and scored by a Review Panel. The Review Panel is made up of both internal and external reviewers based on established Micah Batchelor Award guidelines. Scoring is based on three broad categories. These include: 1) Impact on child health (30%), 2) Scientific merit (50%), and the 3) Applicant’s qualification and background expertise (20%).

NEW IN 2016: In lieu of applying for the Micah Batchelor Award, faculty apply to be named a “Micah Batchelor Scholar” (two possible awards of $50,000). In subsequent years, the Department anticipates the potential of the “Micah Batchelor Fellow,” an additional award of $100,000. The Chair of the Department of Pediatrics will appoint an internal review panel to review applications submitted for the Micah Batchelor Scholar (and Fellow) competition. The recipient of any award is required to provide progress reports annually for the duration of funding.

All applicants will prepare posters and summarize their proposals for the Department of Pediatrics Faculty. All applicants are expected to meet with the Batchelor Foundation at the award reception.

The chosen recipient of any award is required to make a presentation at the award presentation program.

Should the Review Panels determine that no application merits the awarding of the Micah Batchelor Award, Fellow, or Scholar prize in a given year, the Review Panel may, at its discretion, after consulting with the Batchelor Foundation, Dean, and the Chair of the Department of Pediatrics, elect by majority vote to forego the allocation of an award for any given year.

Should the recipient of any Award cease to conduct research or otherwise become unable to perform the awarded project, leave UM, or cease to maintain satisfactory performance in the sole and absolute judgment of the Dean of the Medical School, the unexpended amount will revert to the Micah Batchelor Endowment.

Please note:
• The non-binding Letter of Intent (1-2 pages) must be received via email by the Chair of the Department of Pediatrics by March 21, 2016.
• A PDF of the original proposal must be received via email by the Chair of the Department of Pediatrics by July 8, 2016.