Maintenance of Certification Program in Quality Improvement : Getting Started

Getting Started

Faculty physician can begin by identifying a problem or process they would like to improve, after understanding the nature of the problem and its significance they may plan a new Quality Improvement (QI) project they would like to undertake or join an ongoing QI project.

  • For new projects, the physician should work with a QI expert in their division, Holtz process improvement coach, lean coach or QI leader in their facility to design the project, to ensure both that there will be sufficient resources, and to confirm that the project’s aims aligns with our institution QI goals. Once project has a key stakeholder to sponsor it and the ok from the lean coach or QI leader in our institution, the leader should complete and send the QI project application form to
  • To Join an on-going approved QI project, the physician should contact the leader for the QI effort to determine if there is still an opportunity for additional participation.

Project Materials should be sent to Liz Bayes at