Maintenance of Certification Program in Quality Improvement

Maintenance of Certification Program in Quality Improvement

Maintenance of Certification part IV

The Department of Pediatrics at UM in partnership with Holtz Children’s Hospital/Jackson Health System is now a Portfolio Sponsor for Maintenance of Certification (MOC) through the American Board of Pediatrics (ABP). This relationship enables the Department of Pediatrics to review and approve ongoing quality improvement projects within our health system that meet the requirements set forth by the ABP and the department’s Internal Quality Review Committee (IQRC).

Once a project is approved by the Internal Quality Review Committee, MOC credit can be granted to all participating physicians who meet the minimal requirements. Project applications are submitted directly to our Internal Quality Review Committee (instead of the ABP). The Internal Quality Review Committee is also available to provide feedback on project proposals to help them reach ABP MOC standards, if the initial application doesn’t meet the requirements. There is no fee for physicians associated with this application.

Please note, each project is worth 25 points towards MOC Part IV. Recertification for MOC requires more than 25 points, so you will likely have to complete more than one project during your 5-year cycle to meet ABP requirements.
Note for our residents

While in training, residents can now earn Maintenance of Certification (MOC) Part 4 credit for their approved quality improvement work completed during residency, that they can “bank” for use once they become board certified. At the end of residency, upon passing the initial certification exam, residents become ABP certified and enter their first 5-year MOC activities cycle. Any previously-banked credit is then added to their portfolio and counts towards their MOC part 4 requirements.

Faculty contacts

American Board of Pediatricians Bayes Santos, Liz MD MS CSSGB
Chair, Internal Quality Review Committee
MOC Portfolio Manager

McLaughlin, Gwenn MD MSPH, FACMQ
Chief Quality and Patient Safety Officer, Holtz Children’s Hospital

Daly, Laura RN, CPHQ, CPHRM
Director Quality and Patient Safety, Holtz Children’s Hospital