Research Programs

Partnership on Multi-cultural, Community Pediatric Health and Neurodevelopment

For more than 2 years, the Mailman Center has been doing preparatory work with the Eunice Kennedy Shriver National Institute for Child Health and Human Development (EKS-NICHD) to establish a partnership to address infrastructure for training and clinical trials related to neurodevelopmental disabilities in countries of the Caribbean, Central, and South America. An agreement has been reached, along with an additional partner in Autism Speaks and Mexico, to develop an international training outreach in interdisciplinary clinical care of children with neurodevelopmental disabilities, using a model similar to that of the LEND program. An initial planning meeting, with EKS-NICHD senior leadership, Autism-Speaks senior leadership, and representatives from the Department of Defense and several Central and South American countries, is set for June 15-16, 2010 in Miami. The EKS-NICHD is providing $350,000 of initial support for this initiative.

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