Research Programs : Demonstration Projects

The Quality Counts Career Center (QCCC)

Funded by the Children’s Trust of Miami and the Early Learning Coalition of Miami-Dade/Monroe, the QCCC provides assistance to the early care and education workforce by developing career plans and reviewing career goals, accessing financial aid and scholarship opportunities, tracking and maintaining professional development through a secure Registry and assisting providers in the selection of appropriate training and educational opportunities. More than 2,500 child care teachers have had their professional development transcript entered into the Registry since March of 2008.

Quality Counts is a voluntary rating system that reviews early learning programs according to clearly defined, high quality standards using a five star method of evaluation and offers supports and incentives to help providers reach their goals.

These projects are implementing the “5 STAR” rating system for family child-care home providers in Miami-Dade County. Currently, we are working with 70 providers to educated and support them in improving the quality of care for all children in their care, with the goal of raising their number of “STARS” one level during the project.

We also help providers obtain accreditation from the National Association of Family Child Care Providers (NAFCC). NAFCC is the only accreditation program available for family childcare providers. A nationally accredited home is given a Gold Sear rating by the Florida Department of Children and Families, which certifies certain levels of training and quality have been met. Obtaining national accreditation is a difficult endeavor requiring tremendous commitment, time and effort.