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Parent Leadership Development (PLD) Project

The PLD is two-part project that focuses on the medical training of physicians, other allied health professionals, educators, and social service professionals and community advocacy by connecting with community organizations to further promote a parent perspective and the concept of inclusion for all people, across the life spectrum, in our community. The purpose of the project is to contribute a parent perspective about raising a child with disabilities and chronic healthcare needs to all aspects of medical care, advocacy and community life. The goal is to enhance the practice of medicine, particularly pediatrics, and to improve the outcomes and quality of life for children with disabilities and their families. An additional goal is to increase the awareness across the community of the unique challenges military families who have children with disabilities and chronic healthcare needs experience as they move and out of our community. The expected benefit of the PLD project is enhancement of the quality of life for families who have children with disabilities or chronic healthcare needs and an improvement of their lifelong outcomes.

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