Research Programs : Demonstration Projects

Local Inclusion Network Collaborative Services (LINCS)

Traditionally, individuals with disabilities are seen as recipients, or those in need of services, rather than as the givers of service, contributing to their communities. As a result, the LINCS project was created. This is s multi-state (CA, FL, HI) demonstration project funded by the Corporation for National and Community Service (CNCS) to increase the number of individuals with disabilities involved in community service, by establishing collaborative networks in each of three target areas. The role of the Mailman Center was to organize these collaborative groups, convene meetings and provide training & TA on issues related to inclusion. The unusual aspect of this project was that it was initially conceived to work in collaboration with traditional volunteer centers (Hands On network centers) that would learn to become more inclusive in their marketing, recruitment and placement of volunteers with disabilities. Approximately 400 LINCS member agencies and individuals from the three target areas participated in this very successful project. One aspect chosen by Florida is to work with colleges and universities to help their volunteer/leadership centers and disability services office work together to include service opportunities for students with disabilities as a routine part of campus life. This last activity is ongoing thru June of 2010.