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Healthy Caregivers-Healthy Children

The USDA has awarded researchers from the Mailman Center for Child Development a 3 year grant to conduct a randomized controlled trial examining the effectiveness of a role modeling curriculum on obesity prevention with preschools. Twelve childcare centers will receive an intervention around good nutrition and increased activity and twelve centers will serve as the control. The intervention will consist of a health behavior promotion program focused on the importance of role modeling with staff and parent group sessions. The control centers will receive an injury prevention intervention. All early child care centers will be located in ethnically diverse, low-income communities. The primary outcome will be change in child weight status, and secondary outcomes include child and family measures of dietary intake and physical activity.

The results of this study will contribute new information concerning behavioral risk factors for obesity in a multi-ethnic population, and the feasibility of innovative, child-care-center modifications to prevent childhood obesity. It will also clarify the role of the nutritional gatekeeper (parent and childcare center) in producing significant changes on child nutritional and physical activity behaviors.

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