Research Programs


While providing services and training, The Mailman Center for Child Development faculty, staff and students are working on solutions for a better tomorrow. Research is interwoven into every aspect at the Center and has produced nationally-recognized results in many disciplines.

Research activities form the basis for most of the training, technical assistance, and service activities of the Mailman Center. Given the diversity of our faculty, as well as collaborative relationships with faculty throughout the Department of Pediatrics, the University of Miami School of Medicine, and investigators located in settings around the United States and the world, our research efforts include basic science initiatives, clinical demonstration projects, participation in clinical trials, translational research, and innovative intervention research.

Examples of ongoing studies include:

  • Vision Screening
  • Health Behavior Research in Minority Pediatric Populations
  • The impact of touch on premature infants
  • Otoacoustic Emissions
  • Preschool Inclusion
  • Research & Innovation in Natural Environments
  • Hearing Impairment/Deafness
  • Effects of Sickle Cell Disease on Neurodevelopment
  • Effects of Chemotherapy on Neurodevelopment
  • Parent/Child Interactions
  • History & Policy
  • Neurogenetic Disorders
  • Prevention of Diabetes
  • Early Predictors of ADHD in Children
  • Early Predictors of Reading and Language Competence
  • Perinatal drug exposure

As part of the research effort, the Mailman Center faculty provided training over 4000 individuals through continuing education classes, community presentations, academic courses, scientific presentations, and university presentations conducted by the Mailman Center faculty.