Professional Development

Emerging Transformational Leadership Program (ETLP)

The Emerging Transformational Leadership Program (ETLP) is designed to help select individuals reach their potential as individual leaders who transform systems of care for people with developmental disabilities. This training program will build critical leadership skills, prepare individuals for the challenges of their own life-long leadership journeys, and develop awareness for the rich opportunities for leadership in South Florida and beyond. The year-long curriculum engages a small group of select individuals in experiential learning in the community, practical skills building activities, and dynamic interactions with established and emerging community leaders. A group project encourages participants to learn to harness the full potential of individuals and groups in our community, to foster relationships that bridge diversity on many levels, and to create innovative, sustaining solutions to the complex issues that face the disability community in South Florida.

Participants will be a select group of 5 to 8 people who reflect South Florida’s diversity and will include 1 -2 participants from each of these categories:
1) Current LEND trainees (a Mailman program for health professionals)
2) Early and mid-career individuals from community (e.g. professional in practice)
3) Parent/self-advocate
4) Member of local MCH Title V program or public health department
5) Local not-for-profit agency

The ETLP seeks candidates who:
• Demonstrate potential for leadership
• Possess courage, compassion, conviction and integrity
• Are committed to working in the South Florida disability community
• Are creative and “outside the box” thinkers
• Demonstrate a passion to make a difference
• Are open to activities and ideas outside their profession
• Accept responsibility to participate in all activities related to the program for a nine-month period
• Receive a written commitment from his/her employer (if applicable) agreeing to provide up to 5 non-consecutive days release time from work responsibilities in order to attend ETLP activities.

For questions or to nominate a potential candidate, please contact Shelly Baer at 305 689-7058 or