Mailman Center Retreat

Saturday Retreat

*The day was organized in small group breakout sessions of 5 to 6 people per group. They were facilitated by the invited guests from AUCD and the Weisman Center. Each individual had an opportunity to participate in roundtable discussions in each of the themes listed below. :

  1. Organizational Structure
  2. Research and Contracts
  3. Clinical programs
  4. Advocacy
  5. Education and Outreach

The following guiding questions for each of the above themes engaged participants in brainstorming ideas:

1. Where are we?

2. What do we have to work with?
Q1 and 2 are examinations of internal and external threats, strengths and weakness of the center, and how to capitalize on those strengths.

3. Where do we want to be?
Make sure we have all stakeholders represented, what’s our vision for the future, does it align with our mission, what are our goals? Also need to prioritize goals.

4. How do we get there?
What strategies/tactics are we going to use to reach our goals, what our benchmarks, and indicators to measure progress?

See the Traveler’s Guide for a complete insight on Saturday’s program.