Family Navigator Program

Family Navigator Program

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The Mailman Center for Child Development and other university programs offer a wide array of clinical, educational, and research services to aid families. Approximately 15,000 children receive clinical services per year through Mailman Center programs. To extend our family centered-care practices to a more holistic approach, the Family Navigator program was developed to ensure that children and their families receive needed services.

Funded through a gift from the TAFT Foundation, the goals of this program are to empower, support and educate families by implementing a system of care where Family Navigators work with families to help them get services for their children.

Family Navigators are parents of children with disabilities or special health care needs who have navigated through systems of care on behalf of their children. They are empathetic and supportive because they have walked the walk…

Family Navigators can help you:

  • Identify family strengths
  • Connect with needed services
  • Advocate for your child
  • Address school concerns
  • Connect with other families of children with special needs or health care needs

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