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Pediatric Residency Training in Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrics

Pediatric Residency Training in Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrics

Contact: Jeffrey P. Brosco, MD, Ph.D.


Pediatric residents at Holtz Children’s Hospital in the Jackson Health System spend at least one month at the Mailman Center for their required rotation in Developmental-Behavioral Pediatrics. The clinical training prepares residents to implement developmental screening, principles of early diagnosis and treatment, and long-term follow-up of children with chronic conditions and developmental disabilities. During this rotation, residents serve as the medical representatives on several interdisciplinary diagnostic teams, observe community-based programs, and learn the basics of audiology, psycho-educational testing, therapeutic interventions including Parent Child Interaction Therapy, occupational therapy, physical therapy, speech and language pathology, and a demonstration of assistive technology.

Like all trainees at the Mailman Center, pediatric residents participate in the LEND (Leadership Development in Neurodevelopmental Disabilities) curriculum, a federally funded interprofessional training program based on family professional partnerships.

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To apply, please contact Jeff Brosco at or 305-243-3371.