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Occupational Therapy Training Program

Pediatric Occupational Therapy Training Program

Contact: Douglene Jackson, PhD, OTR/L, LMT, ATP, BCTS

The pediatric occupational therapy training program is for students enrolled in a master’s or doctoral occupational therapy program. Occupational therapy trainees are given opportunities to learn about neurodevelopmental disorders, participate as a member of an interdisciplinary team, and develop the clinical skills necessary to conduct occupational therapy evaluations and therapeutic interventions. Trainees participate in the Interdisciplinary Developmental Evaluation Services team, Augmentative and Alternative Communication clinic, and the Debbie School.

Like all trainees at the Mailman Center, occupational therapy trainees participate in the LEND (Leadership Development in Neurodevelopmental Disabilities) curriculum, a federally funded interprofessional training program based on family professional partnerships.

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Potential trainees enrolled in a master’s or doctoral occupational therapy program can contact Dr. Douglene Jackson for more information at or 305-243-9793.