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Family Leader Training Program

Family Leader Training Program

Contact: Roselyne Antao

The family leader training program is for parents and family members who are interested in advancing their leadership skills to help their child with a disability and others. The program includes interprofessional seminars, mentoring, on-line learning modules, participation in a clinic- or community-based practicum, and a self-directed leadership development project.

Sessions take place over two semesters and the time frame is flexible.

Like all trainees at the Mailman Center, family leader trainees participate in the LEND (Leadership Development in Neurodevelopmental Disabilities) curriculum, a federally funded interprofessional training program based on family professional partnerships. 

The hours and schedule are flexible. We work with the family leader trainee individually regarding the requirements.

The family trainee leader program is free for parents and family members of children and youth with disabilities or chronic conditions.

To apply, contact Roselyne Antao at or 305-243-6135.