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Early Childhood Special Education Training Program

Contact: Michelle Schladant, ATP, PhD

The early childhood special education training program is for graduate students (master’s level and doctoral level) who are seeking specialization in early childhood special education. The length of the program ranges from 40 hours to 300 hours depending on the requirements of the home university or degree seeking program. The goal of the training program is to prepare graduate students in early childhood special education to implement interdisciplinary and family-centered approaches to service delivery, research, and systems level change. Graduate students participate in clinical and community-based experiences to gain knowledge of (1) early screening, assessment, treatment of neurodevelopmental disabilities and special health care needs; (2) assistive technology service delivery; and (3) the role of research in improving early childhood outcomes.

Like all trainees at the Mailman Center, early childhood special education graduate students participate in the LEND (Leadership Development in Neurodevelopmental Disabilities) curriculum, a federally funded interprofessional training program based on family professional partnerships.

For more information about the program and how to apply, contact Michelle Schladant at