Graduate Education/Training : Leadership Development in Neurodevelopmental Disabilities (LEND )

Research Training

All trainees are expected to demonstrate awareness of the role of research in advancing understanding about neurodevelopmental and related disabilities, and skill in being able to access research findings and integrate them into evidence-based practice. Long-term trainees are expected to acquire research skills by participating in active research programs. Post-graduate trainees are expected to demonstrate research skills by presenting research findings to colleagues in either oral or written form.

There are multiple research methodologies that merge in an interdisciplinary program, and trainees are expected to become aware of the various models. Research models include (a) qualitative and quantitative methods; (b) cross-sectional and longitudinal designs; © basic, experimental, and clinical trials approaches; (d) single subject and group designs; (e) disciplinary and interdisciplinary collaborations; and (f) local and multi-center investigations.