Clinical/Evaluative Programs : Pediatric Psychology

Pediatric Medical Coping Clinic

The Pediatric Medical Coping Clinic is an outpatient psychological counseling clinic for children, adolescents, and families whose children have medical conditions. Located in the Mailman Center for Child Development, we provide treatment for issues including:

* Coping with illness * Medical adherence * Anxiety, sadness, or behavioral difficulties surrounding a medical condition * Weight management * Difficulty swallowing pills * Pain management And other overlapping medical and psychosocial difficulties

Under the direction of Alan Delamater, Ph.D., ABPP, licensed psychologist and board-certified in clinical health psychology, we are staffed by advanced trainees with specialized training in pediatric psychology. We take most commercial insurance, but not Medicaid.

If interested, or for more information, please call (305) 243-6857.