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The Hemophilia Treatment Center (HTC) at the University of Miami is the only federally-funded 501c (3) non-profit, combined Adult and Pediatric program serving South Florida for over 30 years. We offer state-of-the-art comprehensive care to all persons living with a bleeding or clotting disorder from birth through adulthood. This includes the hemophilias, von Willebrand’s disease, rare bleeding disorders, platelet disorders, inherited and acquired hypercoagulable disorders. Within our unique services we offer research studies, physical therapy evaluations, point-of-care ultrasounds, and more.

  • Dr. Joanna Davis is the Medical Director of the Pediatric HTC, Dr. Fernando Corrales-Medina is the Associate Director of the Pediatric HTC and Krysten Sargenton, ARNP, is the Nurse Coordinator for the Pediatric HTC.
  • Dr. Thomas Harrington is the Medical Director of the Adult HTC; Maya Bloomberg, ARNP, is the Nurse Coordinator of the Adult HTC.

Annalise Guerra is the HTC Clinical Social Worker and Psychotherapist. Samantha Gupta, DPT, is the dedicated physical therapist. Leandro Pisani is the HTC Clinical Research Coordinator. Maggie Gonzalez is the Office Administrator and 340B program manager. Merissa Williams is the HTC Outreach Coordinator.

The University of Miami has a reference Special Coagulation Laboratory on site, allowing our patients the ability to have thorough coagulation evaluations in a timely manner. Oversight of surgical procedures ensures maximum safety and minimal risk of unusual bleeding. We are available for diagnostic consultations as well as co-management for surgeries or deliveries/post-partum issues that occur in the community. The HTC is dedicated to the challenges facing women with bleeding disorders, as well as the risks to potentially affected infants in the immediate newborn period.

Pediatric Comprehensive Clinics are held monthly at Alex’s Place, in the Sylvester Cancer Center.

Adult hematology clinics are held monthly at Jackson Memorial Hospital and weekly at Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center.

In addition to the regular scheduled clinics at the University of Miami’s main campus, a monthly Pediatric Clinic is held at the UHealth facility in Plantation. This allows patients who live at a distance the opportunity for greater ease of scheduling appointments.

The Mission Statement of the HTC is the dedication to outreach and education for both medical and patient communities. The HTC has received educational grants from the Hemophilia Foundation of Greater Florida to support a practical and informative lecture covering the current management of the hemophilias. This has been presented at hospitals across the country. The HTC staff also offers educational sessions covering women’s issues and excessive clotting (VTE).

Research is another focus of the HTC. We participate in numerous protocols studying new therapies for both bleeding disorders and thrombosis patients (children and adults). We are currently enrolling patients on several investigator-sponsored ultrasound studies for toddlers, women and older children with bleeding disorders.

A 340B factor program is available for eligible patients. Our Social Worker provides current information and assistance pertaining to available insurance options for our families.

We believe that the best patient care results from understanding and cooperation between patient/family, primary care physicians, and HTC staff.

Contact Information

Phone: (305) 243-0834