Clinical Services

Advanced Intestinal Rehabilitation Program (AIR)

*The Division of Pediatric Gastroenterology at the Miller School of Medicine has one of the few multidisciplinary Intestinal Rehabilitation Programs in the United States. The program cares for children with intestinal failure, generally caused by short bowel syndrome (SBS). Short bowel syndrome is a complex and often devastating disorder caused by the loss of part of the small bowel and the decreased ability of the intestine to absorb nutrition. The loss of bowel can be due to congenital disease or surgical removal. Treatment consists primarily of specialized nutrition management aimed at helping the remaining intestines adapt and take on the absorption functions that were lost. Most of these patients depend on parenteral nutrition and specialized nutrition. Before the creation of this program the only option for these patients was Intestinal/Liver Transplant, with the new program, transplant is an option for patients who fail home parenteral nutrition therapy.

Research has proven that a multidisciplinary approach to intestinal rehabilitation is the most successful approach to caring for short bowel syndrome. To that end, our multidisciplinary rehabilitation program includes:

  • board-certified pediatric gastroenterologist
  • pediatric surgeons
  • transplant surgeons
  • nurse practitioner
  • registered dietitian
  • medical assistant
  • research assistant
  • social worker
  • pharmacist
  • child psychologist