The Debbie School : Research & Special Projects


DEB-Tech: Listening, Learning, and Literacy is a Promotion and Prevention grant funded through The Children’s Trust to help teachers, early childcare workers, and parents facilitate children’s cognitive development through listening, language, and literacy. Teachers, parents, and caregivers of young children will learn how to facilitate early literacy and school-readiness skills at four child care centers: Homestead YMCA Developmental Learning Center, Martin Luther King YMCA Preschool, Rainbow Children’s Academy, and the University of Miami Debbie Institute. Activities for teachers and early childcare workers will include weekly interactions and in-service trainings with the purpose of directly impacting the children served. Parent trainings will be provided at each center.
The original DEB-Tech Project developed a model program that provides up-to-date assistive technology for children with special needs who are educated in inclusive classrooms with their typically developing peers. Funds from the Health Foundation of South Florida enabled us to purchase state of the art computers and assistive technology to include with our current educational and therapeutic services.

For the past three years, funding from The Children’s Trust enabled the DEB-Tech Project to distribute guidelines about the use of low and high tech assistive technology to child care centers throughout the community. During this period, over 1500 professionals and parents participated in workshops provided by DEB-Tech.