The Debbie School : Join Us


The University of Miami Volunteer Policy is designed to enable the University to accept volunteers, reduce volunteer risk and protect the interests of the University, its volunteers, and community it serves.

University volunteers are uncompensated individuals who perform services directly related to the business of the University for their benefit, to support the humanitarian, charitable or public service activities of the University volunteer, or to gain experience in specific endeavors.

Foreign nationals holding non-immigrant visas that do not authorize employment in the United States may not become a University volunteer. (See Observership Policy

How to Volunteer

If you would like to volunteer for the Debbie School, please send your resume and a letter stating your availability to the Debbie School. You can fax it to Mirtha Gonzalez at 305-243-3155 or send it to:

Attn: Mirtha Gonzalez, Coordinator
Debbie Institute (D-621)
P.O. Box 014621
Miami, Florida 33101

Your information will then be forwarded to our Associate Director, Kathleen Vergara, and Faculty Affairs for approval. After approval, you will be contacted to come in and fill out a volunteer package.