The Debbie School : About us

Mission Statement & Philosophy

Mission Statement

The Debbie School’s mission is to nurture and enrich the lives of children during the critical years of early learning and create the foundation for our students to flourish throughout their lives. The Debbie School provides early intervention services for children through the Auditory/Oral Education Program, the Early Education Program, and the Infant • Toddler • Preschool Education Program.

Our Service Credo is to:

Provide an environment where young children of all backgrounds and disabilities have opportunities to learn, explore, socialize, and play.
Provide quality services for young children with disabilities and their families in an inclusive setting with typically developing peers.
Provide a loving, friendly, and safe educational environment where children will be able to reach their full potential.

Educational Philosophy

  • The Debbie School has a strong commitment to optimizing the educational potential of children enrolled in each of three educational programs:
  • The Auditory/Oral Education Program provides early intervention services and primary education services for children who are deaf and hard of hearing from birth through the second or third grade.
  • The Early Education Program serves children with developmental disabilities from birth through three years of age in inclusive classrooms with their typically developing peers.
  • The Infant Toddler Preschool Education Program provides educational services for children who are typically developing from birth through five years of age.