The Debbie School : Education & Services

Early Education Program

The Early Education Program serves 92 children with developmental disabilities from birth through three years of age in a setting with their typically developing peers. The goals of the program are to foster optimal development through intervention and to provide support to the families of the children enrolled in the program. The center based program serves 62 children in six inclusion classrooms and one self-contained classroom for children with more severe disabilities. Services are provided five hours per day for five days per week. Debbie School vans provide transportation to designated areas of Miami-Dade County. Before and after school care is provided when space is available. In addition to center based services, teachers provide home based services for 30 children with varying exceptionalities three hour per week. Our trained and nurturing staff works in partnership with families to promote optimal growth and development for each child.

Prior to enrollment in the Early Education Program, a multidisciplinary team of therapists, teachers, and service coordinators conduct evaluations in the areas of cognition, communication, fine and gross motor, socialization, and self-help to develop individualized goals and identify needed services for each families Individualized Family Education Program (IFSP). The curriculum is designed to foster growth and development in the skills areas of cognition, communication, fine and gross motor, socialization, and self help to maximize opportunities for individual exploration and independent learning. Speech and language therapy as well as physical and occupational therapy services are provided for children who meet eligibility.