Critical Care Medicine : Critical Care Research

Critical Care Research

The Division of Pediatric Critical Care Medicine is active in clinical and basic science research projects and participates in multi-institution clinical studies.
Clinical studies include:

  • Procedural sedation data submission to the Pediatric Sedation Research Consortium
  • Multi-institutional study: Death in the PICU/NICU: Parent and Family Functioning
  • Modes of Death in the PICU
  • PICFlu study garnering information from patients with respiratory failure (influenza) who were previously healthy
  • Influenza vaccine effectiveness in high risk children
  • RESTORE: Sedation in children with respiratory failure
  • INVOS in liver transplantation

Ongoing basic science endeavors in the Critical Care Laboratory at the Batchelor Children’s Research Institute include:

  • Introduction of a new pediatric model of spinal cord injury in piglets
  • Development of a new pediatric model of traumatic brain injury in piglets
  • Testing efficacy of potential treatments for adult SCI in collaboration with the Miami Project to Cure Paralysis.

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G. Patricia Cantwell, M.D.
Barry Gelman, M.D.
Asumthia Jeyapalan, D.O.
Gwenn McLaughlin, M.D.
Michael Nares, M.D.
Juan Solano, M.D.