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Palliative Care

The pediatric intensivists spearheaded a palliative care initiative in the Children’s Hospital and have established continuity in care from the PICU, the pediatric wards, and the community. The Holtz Children’s Hospital Pediatric Palliative Care Team has been active since September 2008. Most recently, Dr. Cantwell was named Pediatric Medical Director of TilliKids, the Pediatric Initiative of HospiceCare of Southeast Florida. TilliKids has partnered with Children’s Medical Services (CMS) to launch the Partners in Care: Together for Kids Program. The collaborative efforts of the intensivists have ensured that the mission of this program is successful – provision of continuous, compassionate, comprehensive, culturally sensitive and family centered care initiating at time of diagnosis. The PICU team has taken pediatric palliative care medicine to exceptional levels by aiming for quality of life and family centered care at all times.