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Pediatric Cardiology Outpatient Practice

Fortunately, most children are born with healthy, strong hearts. But sometimes our pediatricians, parents or our kids themselves will have some concerns that need to be checked out by our team of cardiology experts. Our outpatient clinics offer a complete “on the spot” service where the child will be evaluated by the cardiologist with full availability of immediate on-site testing. Many patients will have an electrocardiogram (“ECG) and echocardiogram (an “Echo,” a heart ultrasound) done as part of their clinic visit. These non-invasive tests are painless and are performed by our highly trained and child-friendly staff. The results of these tests are known immediately and discussed with the patient and family before they leave the office. If needed, other testing is also performed in our clinics, including treadmill exercise and Holter (take home) heart monitor testing.