Service & Programs

Advanced Practice Nursing

Nurses and social workers play integral roles in the Children’s Heart Center team. They are sensitive to the stresses imposed on a family by congenital heart disease and they work with your physician to make your child’s care efficient, informative and with a warm, personal touch.

The nurse liaison and nurse managers coordinate inpatient and outpatient care, assuring that all needed tests, consultations, hospital appointments and admissions are scheduled in an efficient manner. The nurse practitioners participate in the medical management of the patients while they are in the hospital and help to ensure continuity of care. They are involved in the management of immediate post-operative patients and continue to provide quality care until the children are able to go home with their parents.

Once the child is at home, the nursing staff continues to maintain contact with our patients to provide follow up care at the most convenient center location. They are always available for parents’ questions and concerns.