Adolescent Medicine : Research

Adolescent Medicine Research

Faculty members from the Division of Adolescent Medicine are active researchers. Division Director Dr. Friedman is funded by the National Institutes of Health with one of the largest cohorts of HIV-positive adolescents in the country. Involvement since 1994 has assured that local youth have access to research opportunities that help to understand effects of this illness, potential prevention strategies, treatments, and other needs of teenagers and young adults who cope with HIV infection.

Dr. Lage’s primary research interests are in minority young women’s health, including mental health issues in young adults with high-risk sexual behaviors.

Injury and violence prevention are central themes of Dr. Schaechter’s research. These include assessment of educational tools designed to train doctors, police officers, child care workers, and parents regarding home injuries, firearms accidents, drowning prevention, child passenger safety, and infant suffocation. Dr. Schaechter’s community participatory research focuses on motor vehicle safety behaviors for young children, adolescents, and adults in minority communities.