Adolescent Medicine

About the Division of Adolescent Medicine

While adolescence generally is a healthy time period of life, changes in development, challenges of independence, new peer groups, and social exposures raise questions and can put youth at risk. Many adolescents are uncomfortable seeking medical care, feeling too mature for a pediatrician and too young for their parents’ physician. The University of Miami Miller School of Medicine’s Division of Adolescent Medicine is poised to handle the needs of this unique population, at the same time as it provides educational opportunities for trainees in this special area. As faculty members of the Miller School of Medicine, our program is academically-based.

In addition to routine primary health care of youth, our Adolescent Medicine Physicians also treat many chronic or debilitating diseases, serving as primary care physicians and advocates for these adolescents and young adults. They are always pleased to help CMS and other patients who might benefit from this adolescent focus, even before risk behaviors set in. They greatly assist their transition to adult care, as well.

The physicians’ familiarity with the common psychological and social concerns of adolescents enables them to establish the rapport necessary to ensure an ongoing, confidential, productive doctor-patient relationship. In a time of life when risky behavior is an ongoing temptation, having a caring physician can produce lifelong benefits for youth.