About the Department : Mission Statement

Mission Statement

It is the mission of the Department of Pediatrics to improve the lives of children by providing the highest quality care in the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of childhood disease and improve outcomes through research, training & education and advocacy.

In achieving our mission we commit to the following Core Values:

1. Children come first (The right of children to quality healthcare, both physical and mental wellbeing, assures the future of society. Respect for children above all else.)

2. Commitment to optimal outcomes for children and to critical evaluation of those outcomes (A continuous improvement in quality in all that we do and that we make decisions based on the best available evidence. We must optimize the life trajectory and prevent disease in children.)

3. Modeling professionalism by supporting each other with respect, integrity and collegiality (A commitment to action through collaboration and shared problem solving amongst the Department of Pediatrics and with partner groups.)

4. Developing and sustaining leaders through our commitment to excellence in education, continuous learning and professional development (Valuing diversity in the pediatric workforce and leadership, recognizing that we should reflect the workforce and the workforce should reflect the patients and families we serve.)

5. Valuing scholarship and discovery (Discovery and dissemination of knowledge are the tools to advance children’s health.)

6. Anticipating and responding to forces affecting children and speaking out on behalf of children (We share unique perspectives in academic pediatrics to advocate for the health and welfare of children.).